Keeping Busy

Trying to keep your hands and mouth busy are helpful when trying to beat addiction cravings.

Give these ideas a try:

  • work on a puzzle
  • write in your journal, cards, notes
  • drink warm water with lemon
  • play cards
  • learn sign language
  • draw or paint
  • hold a pen
  • trim your nails
  • play with a yo-yo
  • chew gum
  • brush your teeth
  • flossing
  • teeth whitening
  • whistle
  • sing
  • deep slow breathing
  • do push-ups or sit-ups
  • put on hand weights
  • play a piano or guitar
  • squeeze stress ball
  • doodle
  • wash your hands or face
  • carry a walking stick
  • try new makeup
  • take up photography

Keeping busy helps!

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